Wednesday Wrap Up 8-7

This is something I tell moms all the time. There is nothing better or worse about laboring quietly. Whatever birthing behavior works for you IS the best way to birth! (PS I am quite loud when I am giving birth. Making noise and feeling the vibration of the sounds I am making feels so good to me when I am in labor!)

I have often heard it said that the clock is the worst piece of equipment in the labor room. And I do agree arbitrary time limits are ridiculous. But this story really tops them all. Who would have ever thought this was a good idea? (The whole article is a good discussion on lots of topics, but that clock story….wow.)

Funny – but with a real ring of truth – rules for naming your baby from GQ magazine. I may be in trouble with #6, but “Brynn” is the common and traditional spelling, even if the double letters are not truly needed… I did love this line “No one’s gonna be dazzled that you took Christopher and turned it into Krystougher.”

It’s so, so true! There’s more to motherhood than the post baby body.

Today’s video is an excellent TED Talk on cord clamping. I’ve heard lots of people talk about it, I’ve seen other videos about it (Penny Simkin has a great one!) but this man speaks with more passion and has a great way of explaining WHY this makes a difference long term and why society should care:

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