Wednesday Wrap Up July 31

Not sure what happened, but here we are and it is already the end of July!!
Oh my! You have to see this to believe it. It’s funny, crazy, and a little sad. Your baby is perfect just the way she is!

This is a fantastic explanation of newborn metabolic screening, what it is, why it is done, and the timing of the test.

Some useful tips on processing your worries and fears during pregnancy.

Thought provoking piece on fear and birth. Are we really serving women when we talk about fearless birth, painless birth, etc?

It’s a difficult read, but this is a powerful story of one woman’s birth experience that changed her life and made her an advocate for more humane treatment in birth. Her birth experience with birth trauma and PTSD is heartbreaking.

An excellent new blog for those who are doulas, from Amy Gilliland. Doulaing The Doula

I’ve seen quite a lot of people talking about Kate Middleton and how she looks right after giving birth. Was glad to see I am not the only one disgusted by the critical comments!

And to make your day complete (I hope!) here is a nice natural birth story video:

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