Wednesday Wrap Up: July 10

Weekly Web Links for the Childbearing Year5 Cool Things No One Ever Told You About Nighttime Breastfeeding I learned a few things from this article, too!

15 ways to reduce pain during childbirth
– but here’s the catch: They are all things you do well BEFORE labor! Bet you didn’t know that what you do beforehand can make a difference in the pain you might feel!

This is a nice summary of HELLP Syndrome and its effects on pregnancy. It’s rare, but I’ve seen it happen a few times and it is not a good thing. In the initial stages, moms often don’t realize anything is wrong.

Want to hear one doctor and IBCLC’s take on normal weight loss in newborns? It’s a bit technical, but very evidence based and reassuring to moms worried about their baby’s feeding.

I had my first baby 20 years ago this week. And I *still* remember how difficult the summer was while pregnant! Found this article on ways to beat the heat while pregnant.

Musings from Mama Birth on Channing Tatum’s experience with childbirth and a car commercial. Worth the read!

Today’s video is a preview for a documentary about Ima May Gaskin:

“Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & the Farm Midwives” Official Trailer from Birth Story on Vimeo.

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