Wednesday Wrap Up June 26

Wednesday Web LinksLove this short and simple article on Embracing Life With a Newborn.

Did you know that in the Victorian Era it was fashionable among the wealthy to get breastfeeding portraits?

And then there’s the creepy “did they really think no one would notice” covered up mothers from the same era.

One of my favorite sites, Evidence Based Birth, is back at it with a review on “What is the Evidence for Induction or Cesarean based on a Big Baby”

I get asked all the time about how to make a smooth transition to bringing baby home when there are dogs in the house. Here’s one perspective on how to do that, from Cesar Milan.

While I always give parents a written timeline of their birth, I’ve always believed that BOTH parents should write down the birth story from their perspective. What I write will be interesting to the baby-all-grown-up, but what the parents write will be far, far more meaningful. I loved this article from a woman who came across her mother’s writing about her own birth.

Is Kate being Bullied About Her Birth? Great article on why women get mocked for planning the birth they want.

Todays video is a short one, but very useful. It comes from Dad Labs and shows several useful techniques in a little under three minutes:

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