Wednesday Wrap Up 6/12

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City birth doulaLoved this article on supporting women’s choices. I loved it so much I have to throw out a quote:
“We can never fully know the stories of the mothers we serve. As a doula and a birth educator, I’m privileged only to what a woman shares with me, and often it is simply a picture of her present life, not her past.
And if a woman shares her past with me, it is by comparison, only a tiny glimpse into the story that really occurred – a condensed version that she feels comfortable expressing on that day, at that particular time – there is much left unsaid.
The words left unspoken tell a deeper story than the words that are spoken. And because of this, I must trust that when a woman makes an informed choice not to breastfeed she’s doing so because she knows ultimately what is best for her and her baby.
In return, I must offer the best support I can give without judgement or assumptions – something that every mother is deserving of.”

Loved this essay by midwife-turned-doctor Aviva Romm: How Being a Midwife Made Me a Better Doctor

When women are pregnant, for some reason, their bodies become public property, and everything is up for discussion. It’s even worse for celebrities. Loved this article about how to talk about celebrity weight gain in pregnancy. The tips apply to every pregnant woman, ever, not just the famous.

Today’s video is a wonderful birth story from my friend and fellow birth photographer, Natasha Hance.