Birth Story Palooza!

Laboring Mother Supported by her husband

Laboring Mother Supported by her husbandPregnant women all too often hear nothing but horror stories when pregnant. Just what every pregnant mom needs to hear. It’s become so much of a problem, that products like this T-shirt and buttons are needed. Some women who have positive birth stories are even afraid to share them because of the backlash from not participating in the “my birth was worse than yours” games.

If you’d like to focus on reading some very positive birth stories, here are some places to find them:

Web Sites

Birth Stories On Demand
Birth Without Fear
Positive Birth Stories
Local stories using HypnoBirthing. Text stories and Video Stories
Home birth stories


Adventures in Natural Childbirth

Birth Stories: Mystery, Power and Creation
Journey Into Mothershood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth
Baby Catcher – memoirs of a home birth midwife, full of birth stories

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