Wednesday Wrap Up, 5/29

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City birth doulaOne thing many women don’t realize is that the majority of hospital based practices, and even some birth center or home birth practitioners, work on a rotating call schedule. This means that the midwife or doctor you see throughout the pregnancy may not be the one to is there to catch your baby. The larger the group of people who share call, the less likely it is that it will be your chosen care provider who is there for you. I loved this great list of questions to ask your care provider about how they handle being on call.

History, word origins, sociology, all kinds of good geekiness info in this post on the changing vocabulary of childbirth.

Loved this article on doulas, written by a dad. This quote made me laugh: “To be clear, the idea of being a superdad really appeals to me. I want to be my wife’s hero, supporting her exactly as she needs during her labor.” He goes on to explain how their doula helped him to be able to do exactly that for his wife.

Interesting look at how parents react differently to the sound of a baby crying. What comes naturally and instinctively to her might not for him. He really isn’t being a jerk, he’s just wired differently.

My clients who practice yoga through pregnancy always seem to do very well in birth. I liked this article on yoga positions that work in pregnancy.

These amazing birth photos are getting a lot of media attention! I first saw them when Emily posted them to a birth photography group I am a part of. Speedy Delivery!

I like dolphins. I like birth. I don’t know how I feel about this: Dolphin Assisted Birth. But if they wanted a photographer, I’d love to do it!

Great TED talk about conception and the development during pregnancy:

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