Wednesday Wrap Up 5/22

Wednsday Wrap Up Graphic - Utah birth doula
Suze Orman’s “Can I Afford It?” Doula edition.
There’s been a lot of hype about how Kegels need to be replaced by squats. This is all fueled by ONE woman who claims to have proof but has not/will not publish it for public review. Yet the natural birth community has totally jumped on the bandwagon. I do think she has an interesting point, and may very well be on to something, but I would like to see some balance and evidence in the discussion! So I was pleased to read this article: Truthfully, Kegels are Still Awesome that discusses why it is that Kegels still do have a place in women’s health.
A nice overview of the various kinds of providers that pregnant women may interact with during their pregnancy.
Pretty cool overview of the anatomy of the female organs.
Great article on when parents and doctors disagree. It’s focused on vaccination, but I think the concepts can be more widely applied, too.
This article talks about something I’ve believed for years: How IV fluids might be connected to lots of issues in birth and postpartum.
A powerful article I can really relate to: The Doula As Witness. I have witnessed some amazingly strong women in my career. I hope that they can see and know how much I admire their strength in every way they birth.
Today’s video really made me laugh! The “Baby Friendly Rap” – a tale of two births. I’m going to have to get me one of those super doula capes!