Wednesday Wrap Up 5/15

Wednsday Wrap Up Graphic - Utah birth doulaGreat article on how to find out if you are a good match with a doula. Most of the answers to these questions are right here on my web site, but nothing replaces a good old fashioned face to face meeting to see if our personalities mesh.
One doctor’s birth plan. I happen to like this birth plan very much!
Nice post on making decisions in birth, from a new blog I discovered this week, Birth By Heart.
A nice debunking of the myth that multiple VBACs are dangerous. In fact, they are far safer than repeated cesareans!
I’ve made good use of all three of the “Three Rs” to help women through birth. Penny Simkin originated the idea, but this article explains it very well.
I like this article on “Getting the Most Out of An Epidural” – it describes well why even moms who plan to use an epidural might want to learn relaxation techniques, and what you can do to have a good epidural experience.
This weeks video is a fun parody of the British hit “Call the Midwife” – with a little bit of Dr. Who thrown in just for kicks. Loved it!

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