Wednesday Wrap Up 5/8

Weekly Pregnancy and Birth Links

No one should expect a woman with a newborn to be on cloud nine. Maybe she will be, maybe she will be struggling. Maybe riding a roller coaster between the two. Better to ASK how she is doing, and believe what she tells you, respecting her experiences, than to assume or expect she should be on cloud nine.

Another story of a rude comment from a stranger, but this one is a great example of thinking positively. Just You Wait. My kids are old enough that I have experienced many of the things moms can wait for. Parenting has LOTS of joyful moments, and they are worth waiting for!

I’ve heard of Lotus Birth, I’ve heard of – and seen – dads, grandparents, or older siblings cutting the cord. I even cut my own cord when my youngest was born! But this is the first I have heard of Cord Burning! Learn something new every day!

LOVED this article on why parents need to speak up and be an active participant in their child’s care. And why doctors should listen! As someone who advocated for patient involvement and a collaborative approach to health care, I loved the examples and suggestions!

And finally, another video of a “gentle cesarean” by the amazing Cesi Jane Massa.

Uriah Nehemiah from Ceci Jane on Vimeo.

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