Wednesday Wrap Up 4/24

Wrap-up of current web links

One of my favorite blogs, Evidence Based Birth, came out with a great review of the literature on Group B strep (Also called GBS or Group Beta Strep). And another of my favorite blogs features an interview with the author of Evidence Based Birth about the new report.

Talk Birth compiled an excellent roundup of links on Cesarean Awareness Month, saving me the trouble of doing the same.

I loved this story of a woman navigating a very different birth than she had planned. Sometimes when things don’t go the way you want, staying in the game and being an active consumer of health care can make a huge difference!

Here’s a new “fad” I have never seen or heard of! Birth Wreaths with baby’s birth information on it. Moms hang it on the door at home, but many women are also taking it to the hospital to hang on the door there. Apparently it is getting quite popular in some parts of the country. Have you seen this tradition?

For today’s video, this slideshow of moms who had a cesarean for CPD and went on to have a larger baby vaginally afterwards. CPD stands for “cephalopelvic disproportion” or a baby deemed to big to fit. This video bolsters my own personal theory that smaller babies have more room to do funky things with their position that can make it harder for them to descend through the pelvis. Larger babies don’t have room for that kind of mischief. I actually see a lot more smooth births with babies in the 8-10 pound range than I do with the smaller 6-7 pounders.

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