Wednesday Wrap Up 4/17

The Experience of Birth - How Men and Women Experience ItI really enjoyed and could relate to this article on the life of a doula.

Birth Affirmations are a technique I have seen really work for some moms.

Interesting article about vernix – the creamy substance on baby’s skin – and why it exists.

Great article on Kegels, which have gotten a bit of an undeserved rap the last few years. Kegels DO have a place in preparing for birth, alongside other techniques. I was pleased to see this article address the concept of concious relaxation of the pelvic floor as well, something I’ve long been teaching as a useful skill for birth.

It’s Cesarean Awareness Month, and the Lamaze Blog Science and Sensibility has a fantastic list of resources about cesarean birth, VBAC, and more.

And on that note, this weeks video is on a “woman centered cesarean”:

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