Wednesday Wrap Up 4/3

The Experience of Birth - How Men and Women Experience ItThis article has great tips for anyone attending a birth. Dads, doulas, family and friends should all read it!

A great letter from a normal person to natural birth advocates. Some great things to think about how the natural birth community preaches its message.

Fabulous article discussing the sensations of the pushing stage, what’s happening physiologically, and how to birth without an episiotomy or tear. (Yes, it IS possible!)

Loved this article on 10 Tips for a better labor day.

Nice “crib notes” of labor positions.

Giving solid foods too early can have a long-term impact on baby’s health – and not for the better! Don’t rush it, and don’t start with rice cereal!

Should you have a doula at your home birth? A compilation of opinions.

Doulas are not just for moms! I’ve always believed that it should be thought of as “Dad AND Doula” not “Dad OR Doula”

Dads talking about their experiences supporting moms in birth: