Wednesday Wrap-Up 3/20

Web links on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parentingGreat article on the concept of babies learning to self-soothe. And it is not what you think!
Loved this wrap-up of the reasons and risks for the rising cesarean rate. Well documented and honest.
And from another skeptical doctor comes this: Top 10 Signs your Doctor is Planning an Unnecessary Cesarean Section on You
I’ve been saying this for years, nice to hear someone else say it, too! The Big Bad Epidural.
There has been lots of discussion lately about women being forced to have cesareans, after one woman in Florida was threatened with having the police come pick her up for her cesarean! I loved this doctor’s take on the issue.
A little bit of a soapbox issue for me: No More Free Births!
And as I read more from Jodi’s site, I came across this article. I am working with a client who was grappling with some difficult decisions at the time I read it, so it really hit home to me. I have witnessed many women bravely making the choice to take a different path than initially planned when the need arose, even when it disappointed and worried them.
Here is the most amazing, gentle bath of a newborn, for your viewing pleasure:

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