What to Wear for Labor

Don’t want to wear a standard issue hospital gown for labor? You can wear whatever you want! Just know that it could possibly get all kinds of stuff on it.

I’ve had clients wear their own clothing.
I’ve had clients buy a custom hospital gown. Here and here are some places that sell them online. Locally, you can buy them from Laura Curtis at HypnoBirthing Utah
I’ve had clients sew their own gown.
I’ve yet to have a client use one, but I have seen the Binsi Birthing skirt at conferences.
And finally, I’ve had clients who wore nothing at all for some of their labor. (Sorry, not sharing any photos of that!)

If you do choose to wear the hospital gown, please know you can take a second gown and wear it backwards like a robe to keep you more covered when you walk the halls. You can wear a gown in the shower or tub. You can wear a bra under the gown if it makes you more comfortable.

No matter what you wear in labor, you should be comfortable and have the freedom to move however you want to move.

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