Wednesday Wrap Up 3/13

Wrap-up of current web linksLoved this article: 6 things your doula wants you to know
And after I read that one, from the same site: 5 Things Your Childbirth Educator Wants You to Know
Makes me think I should write my own list of top ten things….hmmmmmm…..wheels turning!
Another great article about respect and autonomy in birth. “Get Over Yourselves!”
I absolutely loved this article on judgement and birth. Her summary “There is no correct way to birth, or to behave during birth. As women and mothers we are subjected to more than enough judgement from others and ourselves. Perhaps it is time to start nurturing and supporting ourselves and others instead.”
Along a similar line, what does – or does not – give a woman “bragging rights” about her birth?
Lovely article on the “Myth of the Perfect Mother”
What does a doula really do? Great photos of doulas in action!
And since it’s just plain funny….yet makes a good point: labor beds should have an eject button.

Great video – 7 women talking about their 7 different birth experiences:

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