Wednesday Wrap-up March 6

The Experience of Birth - How Men and Women Experience ItHow will I know when I am in labor? What do contractions feel like? What does the “urge to push” feel like? Every expectant mom has these questions, and I struggle to answer them for two reasons:
1. The sensations are unlike pretty much everything else the body does.
2. Every woman’s experience is different. How I might describe them is not the way you might describe them.

For that reason, I’ve gathered a collection of links where others have tried to answer these questions:

How Will I Know If I am in Labor? (Of course, if you have a doula, she can help you figure that out!)
What Do Contractions Feel Like?
What does Pushing Feel Like? Includes a collection of women describing their experiences, so you see a variety of answers.

Lots of recent talk about men trying to experience pregnancy and birth. I think it is interesting and admirable that men want to try and figure it out, some some of them are over the top.

Man undergoes 9 week simulated pregnancy The Photoshopped art amuses me.
Men try to experience labor – not that this is even close…
Can Men Ever Really Understand? Nice discussion of the above two videos.

And finally, a ten minute preview of The Other Side of the Glass, a video for dads about birth:

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