Wednesday Wrap Up 2/27/2013

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While I take notes at the births I attend, and transcribe them for new parents, I always encourage both parents to journal their birth story themselves. What I write will be interesting to the baby as she grows, but what the parents write will be far more meaningful. I loved this article about why parents should write birth stories.
I have always felt that having a doula at a birth can really take pressure off the dad/partner, and reduce the stress so he can be MORE involved and MORE emotionally there than if he was sole support. In fact, some of the most hesitant dads have turned into some of my biggest fans! I loved this article detailing why dads can benefit from a doula.
An excellent article with some practical tips for moms who are survivors of sexual abuse as they plan for their birth.
While I didn’t win, I still think you should check out the winners of the 2012 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers contest. There’s some good stuff there!
And finally, a short video demonstrating the “Moaning Method” for birth. It can be hard for those who have never used it to understand, but making noise, particularly low-toned moans, can provide a lot of relief in labor.

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  1. Thank you for your strong stnace on this important issue. In the olden’ days a lot of my sisters in community had more choices. Natural childbirth Lamaze classes were plentiful. La Leche League offered support for those mothers who wanted to nurse. My OB (men) were supportive of natural childbirth, too. Re-visit and reclaim what is natural. Let mother and baby go with nature’s rhythms.

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