Wednesday Wrap Up 2/20

Wednsday Wrap Up Graphic
I hear it all the time when home birth comes up: “If I were at home, I would have DIED.” But you can’t really say that, as there are too many factors that might have been different. Here’s a well written response to that way of thinking.
Along the same line as trying to understand differing viewpoints, a very thought provoking post here, on finding your limits as far as how much you can truly accept of other ways of thinking. Every birth professional should carefully consider these questions, and if you find yourself arguing over birth choices – consider them again.
I really enjoyed reading this article about an OB in Portland, Oregon who really went out of his way to respect and accomodate those who think differently than he did. Moms and babies are definitely the winners as a result!
If you’re thinking about hiring a midwife, but don’t know what to ask in an interview, here is a list of 44 questions to ask. 37 are questions for the midwife, the rest are questions to ask yourself after the interview as part of the decision making process. You don’t have to ask them all – but it will get your brain thinking.
Found this sweet lullaby called, “Sleep Eye” by Elizabeth Mitchell. It’s from the album, “Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie,”. It’s available for purchase from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, or from her website, A little more upbeat than your typical lullaby, but I like it!

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