Wednesday Wrap-up, Valentine’s Edition! 2/13

Four weeks in a row for me! This week, pregnancy and birth Valentine’s Day fun:

Wednesday Wrap-Up GraphicFunny Valentine Notes from a pregnant mom to her partner. From Pregnant Chicken.

Valentine’s Gear for expecting moms and new babies, from Babble

10 Things NOT to buy a pregnant woman for Valentine’s Day, also from Babble

On to non-holiday specific stuff….in the many years I’ve been attending births, I’ve heard some doozies, but I have to agree that these 5 things you should not say to a mom in labor are the most common verbal mistakes I hear!

Interesting discussion of skinny postpartum celebrities and what that means for society from Mama Birth.

And when moms have idealistic ideas about what postpartum will be like, what can re really tell them about the realities of motherhood?

She had me at her opening line: “I cringe when I hear pregnant women say that an essential oil is natural and therefore safe to use during pregnancy.” I’ve always felt that when it comes to herbs, oils, homeopathics, etc. if they are powerful enough to have positive effects on the body, they can also have unwanted effects on the body. She sums it up nicely “they need to be respected for their potency; thoughtful consideration should be used before applying an essential oil to your skin, especially during pregnancy.”

And finally, this amazing video from YouTube, featuring women who have given birth naturally to twins and triplets! Inspiration for moms expecting multiples!

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  1. Aww. Thanks for the linkie and the nice words about my post about essential oils!

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