Wednesday Wrap-up 2/6

Continuing my tradition of Wednesday links! If you have come across a link you like, please share it in the comments!

Woo Hoo! Three weeks in a row of remembering my Wednesday Wrap-up of interesting articles from across the web:

An interesting pair of articles from Birthing Beautiful Ideas that initially might seem like opposites, but really make the exact same point:

There is an exciting new study out this week on the safety of freestanding birth centers. We have several good birth center options locally and I always love attending births there. For your reading pleasure:

How hospital births are like eating at Olive Garden. An interesting analogy!

I have always loved the oceans and dolphins. When I first started in this birthy thing, I read about dolphins and how the female dolphins surround the laboring dolphin and support and protect her. Seriously considered naming my business “Dolphin Doula” but ultimately decided it was too weird. Turns out I am not the only one, as this week I came across TWO articles where the connection was made: How a Doula is Like a Dolphin and Dolphins and Birth Plans.

Naturally, todays videos had to be dolphin related! This is a song (and also a children’s book) about the birth of a dolphin and the birth of a baby.

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