Wednesday Wrap-Up: 1/23

Wednesday Wrap-Up GraphicOn random* Wednesdays, I will post a roundup of interesting birthy articles I found around the web. This week:

Why every woman needs a golf caddy in labor From The Birth Activist

Three reports in childbearing in America that you don’t want to miss on the Lamaze International blog Science and Sensibility

I already participated in The Maternity Support Survey. If you are a doula, childbirth educator and/or labor and delivery nurse, please take 15-30 min to fill out the survey.

Great article on Healthier Births and Babies, from the Wall Street Journal of all places!

What You Should Know About Common Interventions from the Lamaze International blog “Giving Birth With Confidence”

A fun companion read to my own article about birth plans, this one is a non-traditional birth plan. What has this woman already done to put her plan into action? What more could she do?

What if women planned for – and paid for – their births like they do their weddings? Interesting article by a local birth videographer. And not exactly what you might think!

A thought provoking article in Time Magazine “Is the Medical Community Failing Breastfeeding Moms?” and an interesting reply by Katie Graham Anderson, published on Stand and Deliver.

And finally, a 15 minute video from DONA International on what doulas do:

Got a link to share? Add it in the comments!

* My intention is to do this weekly, but I know myself well enough to realize it may not be all that regular!

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