A New Volunteer Calling for Me!

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Back in 2006, I attended the conference for DONA International in Denver, CO. In the exhibit hall, I came across a table run by Sandy Puc and Cheryl Haggard. They were sharing information about a brand new organization they had started called “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep“. Their mission was to provide professional photography to families experiencing the loss of a baby.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep logo
I was very moved by their story, and by the images I saw. I wanted to help, but what they needed was photographers, and at the time, they had no one in Utah.

I took home a brochure, but beyond that was not able to do much. Eventually, I forgot about NILMDTS.

A few years later I developed an interest in photography. Well, interest might be putting it mildly! I learned everything I could, I practiced constantly, I developed my skills and eventually became a photographer.
Not much later, the Utah Doula Association held a mentoring meeting with Julie Williams, a photographer who then was the area coordinator for the Salt Lake City area. I attended and was once again touched by the group and their mission. But I did not feel ready to volunteer at that time.

In mid 2012, I was approached by someone who knew of me and my work with birth photography and was invited to apply. There were a few things I needed to learn and add to my portfolio before I was ready, but by the end of 2012 I had applied to be a volunteer photographer.
I am pleased to announce today that I have been approved and am officially an affiliate with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep! I will be doing volunteer sessions for families who are experiencing loss. I anticipate that it will be difficult, but I feel moved to do this work.

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