Online Pregnancy Resources I Love!

Parents holding hands during labor - doula supported birth

There are so many sites out there for pregnancy, but not all of them are mother-friendly and natural birth friendly. Here are some of my favorite places for pregnancy information that respects a mother’s intelligence and right to make decisions for herself and her baby:


  • Science and Sensibility A great blog to learn more about birth research, if I do say so myself. I am a regular contributor there.
  • Giving Birth With Confidence A great blog to learn more about birth from childbirth educators, doulas, and other moms.
  • Push for Your Baby A great site for expectant moms all about pregnancy and birth, and what you can do to improve your baby’s health.
  • Spinning Babies Great site with information about how moms can help their babies be better positioned for birth.
  • Kim James The web site of a doula I’ve only met once – she has fabulous information on epidurals.


Parents holding hands during labor

Birth Stories

  • Birth Diaries Beautiful site with many birth stories shown in pictures or video. All are rated on a “graphic” scale, so you will know ahead of time if there is anything in the stories you might find objectional.



  • DONA International Official web site of the doula organization that certifies me. Great information on what doulas are and do, details on how to become a doula, and doula boutique where you can buy doula-related merchandise.
  • Lamaze International The childbirth education organization that certifies me. A great resource for parents, and also the organization I would recommend to anyone considering becoming a childbirth educator.
  • ICEA Web site of the International Childbirth Education Association, which is the group I received my first certification through.
  • La Leche League Web site of the best-known organization supporting breastfeeding. You can access articles on various breastfeeding topics, find a meeting in your area, or join in on online group. To find a group meeting in the Salt Lake Area, you can call (801) 264-LOVE.
  • I’m listed at – you can check out my profile there.


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